Local Roofing Contractors Share Holiday Decorating Tips

Myrtle Beach roofing contractors understand that putting holiday decorations on the roof is part of many homeowners’ preparations for the holidays. On the other hand, what many homeowners do not realize is how dangerous and risky this can be. This is especially true if the homeowners do not implement safety and precautions when putting up holiday decorations on the roof.

If you plan on hanging holiday decorations on your roof, you should consider the following safety tips.

• Put up holiday decorations during the day so you have all the lighting you need. Remember that it is safest to work on anything during the day because you can see everything. More importantly, you will know where it is safe to stand or lean on when you climb the roof. You will also be able to easily detect the safest part of the roof to hang your decorations if you have sufficient lighting.

• Myrtle Beach roofing contractors strongly recommend postponing your holiday decorating when there is bad weather. Obviously, aside from getting sick, you can also end up in an accident or obtain injuries if you pursued decorating your roof and lawn in a bad weather. Strong winds can blow the décor away and the rains can make it difficult for you to see where you need to hang your decorations or where you should step so you will not fall from the roof. Moreover, the rains can make the ladder and the roof slippery, thus, it will be dangerous for you to walk on them.

• After bringing out your holiday decorations from storage, check each item to ensure they are still in good condition. Make sure the hooks are still strongly secured so you will not have any problems when hanging them. Also, test your holiday lights if they are still working. Otherwise, have them repaired or replaced. Remember that it is easy for you to do all these checks and inspections before you climb the ladder. Doing this on the roof right before you install the decorations is highly dangerous. Plus, it will be a waste of your time and effort if you did not check your decorations and realize they need repair or replacement after or while installing them.

• If you want to use outdoor lighting as part of your holiday decorations, roofing contractors strongly suggest checking to make sure your lighting is specifically designed for outdoor use. Remember that there is lighting for indoor use and there is also lighting fixtures that are more durable and highly resistant to changing weather conditions and other outdoor elements.

• Aside from the actual lighting fixtures, professional roofing contractors in Myrtle Beach highly recommend checking the wires and outdoor sockets as well. Do this after inspecting the outdoor lighting and before installing them. Keep in mind that wires can get damaged and worn out through time even if you have stored them properly. Replace the wires depending on their condition. It is important that the wires of your outdoor holiday lighting are in good working condition to avoid any accidents while installing and operating them.

• Opt to install automatic timers for your outdoor lighting. This will make sure your outdoor lights turn off after a certain number of hours. Thus, you will not have to worry about always remembering to switch off. You do not want your holiday outdoor lighting to be switched on for the whole duration of the night. This is unsafe and may trigger overheating of the wires, which can lead to electrical fire.

To ensure you and your family’s safety, consider hiring licensed and experienced roofing contractors to assist you in putting up your outdoor holiday decorations. Call Contract Exteriors now and inquire about their services.

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